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Under the Influence

by Steady Holiday

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Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski. Until now you could find her playing in bands around LA, mostly Dusty Rhodes and the River Band (in which she played strings), opening for stuff like Fitz and the Tantrums and Fun dot. She enjoyed the sideman life but longed for an outlet of her own, writing and recording in secret, developing a body of work about hidden desire itself. Under the Influence is her coming out party, featuring Josh Adams (Jenny Lewis) and produced by Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Beck).


released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Steady Holiday Los Angeles, California

Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski and a whole lot more.

Nobody's Watching is out on Barsuk Records.

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Track Name: Open Water
it’s not like I said it’s okay, but I’ve been a little fake
I’m holding myself like a brick upon a still lake
but I’m pretty round, and I wouldn’t drown
I didn’t know I could breathe when I am faced down

it’s not like I said it’s okay, but I like to stay away
cause sight out of mind is fine, I don’t like to make waves
in the shallow end, I never learned to swim
I’ll get the courage one day when I am faced down in open water

it’s not like I said it’s okay
it’s not like it’s just a game
it wouldn’t ruin the day to find that

I’m faced-down in open water never long enough
so hold me down in open water, it gives me such a rush
I’m holding onto weakness only as a ploy
cause nothing’s ever gonna change the way I feel when I destroy
Track Name: Your Version of Me
too new to tell if you compare
inflated now but losing air
you make me dream so colorful
my blood my head, the blue the red

I cheat, I blame, I piss away
but here you stay, oh what to make?
so sing to me your sweetest song
the one for me, so personal

take my hand and take my name
take it all, it's all the same
I lose it mostly and I hide the rest
don't analyze cause if we're being honest
I prefer your version of me

I must be frank, I can't contain
I'm happier under your reign
so sing to me just like before
when you were mine and I was yours
Track Name: No Matter
when I close my eyes I don’t always fall asleep
dampening the mind is a fundamental need

somewhere in a trance hides a curiosity
cloudy at a glance though it lives inside of me

senseless to hope for a life so unique
there’s no rush to end when the cycles repeat

deeper down the path I can function in a dream
I push away the clouds, I’m the sole authority

fools and their fables give moments of peace
no end or beginning, cycles they keep on repeating

when I’m at the door, I can show you what I know
and everything I don’t

fleeting and painful, a love that is sweet
no end or beginning, cycles they keep on repeating

when I close my eyes, there’s a lot of work to do
and I get sleepy too
Track Name: Under the Influence
sunday on the clock, finished but nonstop
keep it up, dangerous, hold me under
no one ever feared a light so dim
or broke a little skin
what to do?

grin and then I grin, imitation
makes me feel a lunatic, I’m wise to wonder
cause even when I had a steady grip
you slipped and then I slipped
what to do?

standing on a table, suddenly I see it all
it’s a lonely world, I just do my work
it’s a lonely world, I don’t want to be hurt

trust me, I’m a decent animal
you have to tell me when I’m full
oh please believe me, I’m a decent animal
I just can’t do all that I’m told

you may choose between yourself and me
who will destroy you?
Track Name: So Long
you deserve a song so long it plays behind the hurt
beyond the tears, beyond the courtesy of elementary melodies
and chord progressions much like these

to love and be loved
who’d have thought it’d be so mysterious?
it would be painful without bruises and subject to who chooses
to pull the plug and hope that no one sinks

you deserve a song so long it plays beyond the fade
beyond the place where all our memories repeat into eternity
preserving them so bittersweet, for better or worse

what’s the harm in a little disillusion?
a little rosy hue and a drink to see it through
to separate my logic from my ways

I can and I will move on
you can and you will move on

you deserve a song so long and crafted with hands of love and capability
so I’ll retire, I’ll keep it brief
admiring you lovingly, so long
Track Name: When I See Color
do you ever put something on a list just to check it off?
simple pleasures like decent weather
do you ever set alarms in your sleep so you don't have to dream?
who would do such a silly thing?

I'm a character in black and white
I see color and I feel so shy
break my silence but don't rush me

do you ever entertain someone new and in a day or two
take your chances and endure glances?
do you ever have it all in your palm and think that's what you want?
quite romantic but I resent it
Track Name: Superstar
help me I’m a superstar
but narrowly I’ve missed the mark
drifting, fading, no regard
I’ve slipped into a cycle

help me please I’ve come so close
I’m older now, been down that road
but something keeps me in it’s hold
I’ve slipped into a cycle

show me all the trouble that you find
show me how to thrive and take your time

because I know it’s more than just a phase
it’s written in my name
I want someone to blame
but I know it’s more than just today
it’s a problem that I face
I want someone to blame

show me all the awfulness that hides in me
I’ve been living in a toxic dream
show me all the love that I so desperately need
cause all in all I’m ordinary

it’s strange how sun and death move together
it’s strange how much I want this mood to linger
Track Name: Overcast Waltz
if the time was right I would take you home
it would be so nice, we could be alone
but we're not alone
you and I have our demons we can't control
but we try with our vices tonight

in a perfect world I'd be a better girl
I would mind my words and have hair that curls
but it's not that world
and it's becoming clearer with every look, every glance in the mirror
you're pushing me further from you

so take back your precious time
it's taking over mine
and I'm too blind to recognize so many things
so take it back for me

if I only knew what I meant to you
maybe I'd be true, would not question you
but that's hard to do
cause it's becoming clearer that I'm abused by the things that I fear
I'm pushing you further from me

all that's left are silhouettes and shadows on the wall
stale ashes fill the glasses on the wooden floor
reminds me of a time when we would smoke indoors
sleeping just enough to understand what burns, understand what pain is
I understand what pain is
Track Name: New Heaven
careful what you seek in strangers
oh I do believe in danger
poison in the hand that you hold in command
now don’t you feel a little thrill?

portrait of a man, an island
strange though how he speaks so migrant
long before the split, the pieces used to fit
that doesn’t mean there’s harmony
how could this be so wrong for me?

I know and you know the same
heavens await for only those who want to change
I know and you know the same
heavens await for only those who want to pray

for only heavens sake, I’ll pray

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